Social Digital Editing

led by Nikolaus Wasmoen, hosted by the Marianne Moore Digital Archive and the Folger Shakespeare Library

This workshop will focus on “social editing” in the context of university-based digital editing projects. Such projects may or may not involve crowdsourcing, but almost all will combine scholarly specialists, professional and volunteer staff, students, and users within their workflows. How can each of these groups’ distinct motivations and expectations be aligned within the framing of a single overall editorial project? What kinds of tools and workflows most effectively serve diverse communities of both the members of a project and its intended users? We will practice social digital editing together using a new editorial platform created by the Folger Shakespeare Library for crowdsourced encoding of the Elizabethan Court Day by Day dataset.



This workshop will be a mix of discussion and hands-on practice.

The workshop slideshow includes all of the links you will need to do the exercise in your web browser.

Download Slideshow: PowerPoint | PDF